Payroll Setup and Support

Payroll is hard to do well. It can cause you stress, take up your valuable time, and end up a mess. We’ve seen it a lot, thousands of dollars in CRA penalties because business owners didn’t receive the right help. That’s where we come in.

Let us set up your payroll system the right way from the start. We set you up with online payroll software that makes running payroll easy. We also provide ongoing support by professional bookkeepers and CPAs so that you’ll always have someone around who can help.


Online payroll software means you can process payroll from anywhere there is an internet connection. Employees also have access to their information, pay-stubs and T4s at all times through their online portal.


Automate your payroll to save time and avoid CRA late fees. With just a few clicks, employees are paid by direct deposit, CRA receives your payroll remittance on-time, and you can get back to doing what you do best.


We look after adding new employees to your payroll system. We will collect all of the necessary information, set employees up in your payroll system and train them on where to find their pay-stubs and T4s.


We also help when an employee quits or is laid off. We’ll file the appropriate forms and give you the guidance you need to make sure you comply with employment standards.


Avoid mistakes and CRA hassle by letting us look after your T4 filings. T4s will be processed electronically and sent to the CRA. Employees can access their T4s easily through their online portal.


When employees quit or are laid off, a record of employment must be filed. We’ll look after this for you and make sure it’s done correctly. You can stay focused on filling the empty position.

Our team will setup your payroll

We are your partners in payroll. Let us give you proactive guidance to make sure that payroll is handled properly. We are available by phone, email or Zoom video call to answer your questions. We’ll also look after the administrative work.

Ready for a simpler way to do payroll?

Let us show you how great it is to have a partner in payroll. We’ll help you save time, avoid mistakes and keep your employees (and the CRA) happy.

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